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Greetings Sorors and Fraters,

Welcome to 2016!  It’s hard to be excited or optimistic about the New Year when there is so much racial tension, lack of educational support and lack of Hope within our communities. We’ve marched, protested, politicked but we’re still looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. What have we missed? Why haven’t we been able to scratch the surface of the issues that plague our communities?  We went back to the basics. We marched, chanted and sang but it still seems that something was missed. The missing piece is probably the most important aspect of all; Legislature. We’ve have not attempted to create legislation that supports our goals, ideas, hopes or dreams and that simply address the plight of our people.

 A man once said that revolution comes when you inform people of their rights. Martin Luther King was reported as saying that a revolution comes by social action and legal action working hand in hand. This is not a radical revolutionary view, because the word revolution just means change. America changes as the law changes. We have lawyers, judges, Aldermen, US Representatives and even Senators amongst our ranks. We support them in their pursuit of office, but we never demand that they support us. Perhaps as a council we should host a Town Hall Meeting and discuss ideas that will benefit our community and from these ideas we can develop bills that can be sponsored by one of the political office holders that support them. It may not pass the first time through but we’ll be able to hold those politicians that voted against our Bill accountable at election time. I’ve never attended a Greek Lobby Day but I’ve never heard any report that outlines or details what we actually lobbied for. Perhaps the NPHCC will sponsor a Greek Lobby Day in the future that we’ll have a full agenda to present to the legislators and actually have conversations regarding the interest of their respective constituencies and demand support of pending Legislature.

The goals and agenda I’ve set for the National Pan Hellenic Council of Chicago is:   

1. Mutual Support of our Member Chapters                                                                                                                                                                                          2. CBCF-(COP) Forum Legislative Action (A NPHC National Program)                   
3. Voter Empowerment (A NPHC National Program) 
4. 5k Unity Walk/Run                                                                                                                                       

For the last ten years I’ve seen dozens of Chapters leave and rejoin the council, many of our active and financial Chapters have asked the question what has the council done for them lately. In many cases nothing, why because all the Council does is take. This year we’re going to stop taking and start giving back. Each Month shall be dedicated to one of our member organizations. Let’s use the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta for an example Chicago Alumnae could host a International Awareness and Involvement Program the first week, Glen Ellyn Alumnae could Host Educational Development Program the second week and Joliet Area Alumna could host a Economic Development Program the third week. The final week could be a joint Social/ Party in conjunction with the Pan Hellenic Council. The Chapters can choose to split the money and use it toward individual programs or donate it to a common cause. The key ingredient in this is the support and attendance of the other Divine Nine Organizations, each chapter should be able to get at least 10% of its membership to support these activities with a minimum of one member and a maximum of 10, not to say that you are precluded from having more than 10 members show up.                                                                                                           

  • One of the National Programs of the National pan Hellenic council is CBCF-(COP) Forum Legislative Action The purpose of the forum is to bring together Members of Congress who are members of NPHC organizations and the presidents of NPHC organizations to discuss relevant civil rights issues and the most effective ways to combat them. The sessions raise awareness and act as a voice to some of today’s pressing issues in the African American community.  The Forum always includes a call to action for the presidents of the NPHC organizations to devise a plan to mobilize their membership to ensure that our voices are heard. Through mirroring or implementing this Program in the Chicago area we can effect or create Legislature throughout the state of Illinois.   
  • On a national level and through its Collegiate and Alumni Councils, NPHC works to increase importance of voter empowerment and decrease voter suppression. By educating, organizing and mobilizing citizens in its communities, NPHC commits to protecting the vote and voice of all Americans. The Council has formed partnerships with NAACP, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and the Urban League that encourages it members to spread the message of empowerment. Nonpartisan activities include Get out the Vote, become deputy registrars, public awareness campaigns, civic education trainings, town hall meetings, and election reform legislation advocacy. This National Program would work hand and hand with the push for new Legislature and give us a chance to not just register but educate the people within our communities.

Joel Head 
Mu Xi Chapter of
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.
President NPHCC

NPHC Chicago

P.O. Box 438966      Chicago, Illinois  60643


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